Terms of Service

By becoming a subscriber of Cleanershub.com, you allow Cleanershub.com to  
display any images, videos and contact information for advertising and informational purposes. You understand that you may request to change or remove your listing at any time of your choosing.

Cancellation Policy
Subscribers may request to cancel a subscription at any time. If a subscription is cancelled after a payment has been made, the current listing will remain active for the rest of the payment cycle and will be removed only upon request from the subscriber, or at the end of the current payment cycle.

Listing Guidelines

1. To successfully get your business listed and take full advantage of our services, your listing should be well written, with good grammar and spelling. We will attempt to correct any such errors, but place this responsibility upon the subscriber.
2. All listings must specifically involve the cleaning industry.
3. Listings may not contain profanity, adult themes, or any themes that may be construed as violent.
4. Any listings that do not meet the conditions above may be sent back to the subscriber for editing, failing which, Cleanershub.com may not be able to create the listing.

Refund Policy

1. Should a billing mistake occur as a result of an error on our part, Cleanershub.com will refund the entire amount that was a direct result of that error.
2. Should a billing mistake occur as a result of an error on the subscriber's part, Cleanershub.com will refund the entire amount paid minus any transaction fees. Transaction fees are fees paid to our online merchant services provider to assure the smooth and secure transition of funds and storage of payment information.

Privacy Policy

1.Cleanershub.com utilizes Paypal's merchant services to handle the payment of subscription fees. None of your payment information, (except Paypal account email addresses for Paypal users) will be seen or handled by Cleanershub.com staff. The security and storage of your payment information is handled and guaranteed by Paypal. Click here to see Paypal's Privacy Policy.

2. Cleanershub.com will use the information you provide for approved listings on our website. None of your information will be used for any other purpose. We will not sell or provide any of your information to third parties except in the form of a listing or ad on our website with your consent. To see the full privacy policy, visit http://cleanershub.com/privacypolicy.html .


1. With regards to bids provided by service providers on cleaning jobs posted, the bids should be considered an estimate of the cost and time it will take to complete the job. Due to the nature of the business, estimates may change upon physical inspection by the service provider.
2. Bidders are expected to provide reasonable bids, or will be barred from participating in the bid process altogether. Likewise, those requesting bids are encouraged to provide accurate information in order to get reasonable bids.
3. Cleanershub.com does not guarantee the workmanship or service quality of the bidder. It is up to the party seeking services through the bidding process to make a wise choice when choosing a service provider from the bidders on Cleanershub.com.
4. All bidders are expected to agree to terms and conditions stating that they will conduct business on Cleanershub.com and with consumers and businesses who use Cleanershub.com in a fair and ethical manner.
Terms and Conditions:
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