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Located in Shantou Longhu Science and Technology Park, Shantou Jieneng Electrical Appliance Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, manufacture, sales and service of electric steam wash cleaners and gas steam wash cleaners. Introducing the latest idea of steam car washing popular in Europe and America, our company has developed a new generation of steam cleaners called Steam Wash Car Machines by taking advantage of the advanced international technology.

Jieneng Steam Wash Car Machines are developed with the core technology of instant vaporization. They change the traditional idea of Steam car washing fundamentally, abandon the boiler devices that restrict further development of steam wash car machines, and represent the future development trend of such equipment. Adopting instant vaporization and separation of water and electricity, Jieneng Steam Wash Car Machines are the smallest, the lightest, and the safest and can turn out strong and steady steam fast.

Four major characteristics of steam wash car cleaners:
1. Fast and safe
Adopting the instant vaporization technology, our products feature simultaneous water intake and steam output, having no need to boil water. The steam occurs within 60 seconds.

They are also provided with multiple safety protection devices as well as adopt temperature limit and leakage protection, free from the danger of boiler explosion. They adopt separation of water and electricity, without boilers in China, which fully ensures safe use.

2. Saving energy and water
Our steam wash cleaners have reasonable design and lower reactive power consumption during start and stop. You can choose different steam dryness and wetness in different occasions, which is convenient and saves a lot of energy. About 4 liters of water can wash a car completely!

3. Stable and durable
Jieneng steam wash cleaners are of excellent design with good materials, which ensures stable and good operating state for a long time. The steam pressure is far stronger and steadier than that of boiler types.

4. Convenient and easy to use
With fully-automatic design, you only need to turn on the switch, and then everything is under your control.

Eight major advantages of Steam wash car cleaner:
1. Quick start
Only 60 seconds for cold start; quick start at standby state

2. Separation of water and electricity
It is the only car washer that adopts separation of water and electricity, which is safer and more reliable.

3. Adjustable wetness/dryness
Water capacity of steam can be adjusted, so different capacity can be used for different parts of a car, which is convenient and flexible.

4. Over-voltage protection
It is very sensitive for detection of air pressure, and stops automatically when designed pressure is reached.

5. Higher operating pressure
The designed operating pressure exceeds the conventional upper limits, which is able to make a car cleaner.

6. Anti-freezing
With the special winter design, you can use the steam car washers in the cold season to wash cars.

7. Energy & water - saving
Jieneng steam wash cleaners adopt patented technology and have small thermal inertia. They can save more than 90% of energy during start and stop. With good warm-keeping ability, they can save 10-20% of heat loss under operating state.

Jieneng steam wash cleaners save a large amount of water, have good cleaning and sterilization effect, and reduce pollution to the environment.

8. Without boiler for safe use
Our machines are without boilers; free from explosion.

Shantou Jieneng Electrical Appliance Technology Co., Ltd.
Address: 8/F, No. 156, Dongxia Rd., Longhu Science and Technology Park, Shantou, Guangdong, China
Zip Code: 515041
Tel: 86-754-88594333 Fax: 86-754-88592998
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