How to Clean RC Cars
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Owning an electric RC car is just like raising a child or can be compared to having a pet. All that is needed to keep a child (or a pet) safe from all sorts of diseases or sickness is to make sure that the child eats a lot of vitamin-rich food. Also, regular check up and exercises is a secondary requirement.

As for RC cars, they need proper and regular check ups too. This means that the RC motor has to be cleaned regularly as well so the machine works on its top most speed and performance.

In terms of cleaning the motor of your RC car, you need to use a motor spray so the dirt and excess carbon deposits in the motor are removed. A high quality type of motor spray should do the trick. Do not forget to use oil for lubricating each of your car and motor's bearings.

With brushes, it is also adamant that you are keen in checking it if it already needs replacement. A worn out brush which remains in used for your RC motor could possibly cause you the top performance you've been trying to achieve and maintain. So by the time the tip of the brush which is in contact with the commutator of the motor becomes the shade of violet, better replace it with a new one. Be sure though that before replacing an old brush with a new one, the commutator's overall condition should be round and smooth.

The same thing goes with the motor's brush as well as with the springs. With springs, the tension should always be there, the same way it was when it was still brand new. You can either opt for a spring tension checker so you can use it regularly or replace the springs the same time when you replace the brushes.

For a better maintenance approach, you can clean out the dirt and other unnecessary deposits in your motor after each run. This does not make you an obsessive-compulsive person but maintaining your RC motor this way is a lot better.

What matters in maintaining an RC motor for your RC car is that you understand that all motors will lose their brand new and impressive performance over time. What you can do is just make sure that you clean and invest in it to keep it running as if you just bought it yesterday.

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