How to Clean Golf Grips
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Keeping your golf grips clean and tacky can vastly improve your game. The cleaner and less slippery the grips are, the less tension is required to swing the club. Less tension means a smoother, more accurate swing. Here are some tips to keeping your grips clean.

Clean your grips before every round. You will need a bucket of warm water, two clean rags, one for scrubbing and one for drying. Make sure these rags are "really clean", with no trace of dirt or oils. Some regular dishwashing soap will work well for most grips, except Winn Grips. For Winn Grips and others of similar texture, just use water, without the soap, as the grips will absorb the soapy water and become more slippery when your palms sweat during the round.  Follow the tips below.

1.  Add about a tablespoon or so of regular dishwashing soap to about a half a bucket of warm water and mix thoroughly.
2. Dip one of the clean rags into the soapy water and scrub the grip in an up and down motion. Lean the club against a clean surface and repeat the step for all your clubs. Work quickly so the soap does not dry.
3. Run some clean, lukewarm water from a faucet or bucket over the grip, making sure that all the soapy water has been thoroughly removed. Repeat this for all your clubs.
4. Dry the grips with the clean, dry rag. Do not use the same rag to scrub the grip and dry it. This will just add soap back onto your clean grips, making them likely to slip during your round.
Note : For Winn Grips and others of similar texture, allow ample time to dry. These grips tend to absorb more water. A best practice is to clean them the day before your round.
You're done ! Enjoy your round and play well.

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