Carpet Care Tips - How to clean carpet
Carpet Care Cleaning Tips
3 Carpet Cleaning Tips
Carpet Cleaning Tip #1: Have a Carpet Cleaning Schedule
Just as vacuuming alone won't keep your carpet clean, using only the most convenient carpet cleaning processes won't either. The best plan is a regular program of daily vacuuming, weekly dry absorbent powder cleaner, and a fairly frequent heavy-duty professional carpet cleaning to remove the deepest dirt and residue. For those without the time, a cleaning service might be the solution !

Carpet Cleaning Tip #2: Getting Out Stains
In general, blot, don't rub--as much of the spillage up as possible, removing any solids and blotting inward toward the center of the stain. Choose one of the following cleaners to work on the stain: a clear liquid detergent (the non-transparent liquid detergents can leave extra residue), a grease and oil-cutting spot remover , a solution of one tablespoon of ammonia to one cup of water (not for wool fibers), non-oily polish remover, club soda, or a solution of one part white vinegar to one part water. After you've removed the stain, rinse out the stain remover, using as little water as possible, then pack the area with white cloths or white paper towels, weigh it down with something heavy and leave it for 24 hours to dry completely.

Carpet Cleaning Tip #3: Hand Washing

There are times, especially when the carpet isn't too soiled, when you might choose to hand-wash. The proper way to hand-wash a carpet is to vacuum it twice first, then scrub professional carpet cleaner into the carpet using a brush, vacuuming thoroughly afterwards to remove all residue.
**To extend the life of your carpet, put mats at all entryways to capture as much soil as possible. Always use a good-quality carpet pad under your carpeting, and periodically move the furniture.