Car Care Cleaning Tip - How to clean a battery
Car battery corrosion (technically known as gunk ;) is actually very easy to clean.

Safety First: Use Gloves and Goggles
The deposits contain sulfuric acid, which can  irritate the skin and do some damage when in contacts with thee eyes !

Supplies Needed:
Baking Soda
Small brush with stiff bristles
Clean Water (Warm)
All purpose cleaner in a spray bottle
Turkey Baster or Small Funnel
Wet and dry cloth

1. First, scrape off any white or greenish corrosion deposits with the stiff-bristled brush or small metal or plastic scraper.
2. Mix up a solution of baking soda with water, approximately one heaping tablespoon to each pint of water.
3. Apply the solution to the outside of the battery and its cable connections with a turkey baster or small funnel. Use the brush to work the baking soda.
4. You may need to disconnect the terminals to maneuver your cleaning brush effectively.
5. Flush the terminals and other battery parts with your baking soda solution to remove any trace of the deposits.
6. Wash the outside of the battery, the cable ends and the hold down parts with a liquid cleaner in a spray bottle.
7. Use a sponge or rag to  remove any remaining dirt or grease.
8. Dry off the battery and other parts with a dry cloth. Reconnect your battery tightly if needed. That’s it….you can start your engine !
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